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Silk dresses for women
Thai silk Bangkok
Silk dresses for women

Thai Silk -- Bangkok


Thai silk


Thai silk products

are important handicrafts of Thailand. Silk weaving is a traditional folk craft passed down from generation to generation. Silk dresses for womenIn many parts of the country the locals still rear their own worms. They spin and dye the yarn themselves and mostly produce shimmering fabric for sale in the markets by using hand looms. Although we are not the only country producing silk, our products have been recognized for its fine quality by buyers around the world for a long time. Each country has their own specific way to weave the textile, so do we. Beyond its premium quality, our Thai made silk is unique with its exquisite patterns, different from those made elsewhere. Thai silk is one of the most popular fabric to make silk dresses for women.

The Best Place to Buy Thai Silk

    The products mostly come from the Northeastern and Northern Thailand. However, Bangkok is the centre for silk. There are many types of silk fabrics in many colours for you to choose from. As silk is a very popular purchase among foreign tourists, products made from it are other great items to buy. Custom made silk attires are interesting options for tourists as well since tailor shops in Bangkok always offer good quality Thai textiles for making your beautiful new dress.

Thai Silk DressesThai Silk Dresses


Thai silk

may be the finest quality dresses for women because it has the natural shine and smoothness and luxurious look that enhance the beauty of your dresses. Specializing in women’ dresses, we at Sarochinee always select high quality Thai silk for our clients who love and are attracted by the beauty of Thai silk. We have skilled designers who are ready to design a remarkably elegant dress specially for you. Aside from women’ silk dresses  we also have a wide range of women wear such as suits and blouses. At Sarochinee you can also order fabrics woven in the colour of your choice at the wholesale price.

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